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Fukuoka City, what we used to call “Hakata”, is developed with a port. There are currently 7 public wharves in Hakata port and they all facilitates a full of equipments necessary for daily life such as a traveler base to domestic and international destinations, international distribution facility, energy supply center and residential and cultural facilities.

Hakata Futo Passenger Terminal
Municipal ferries connecting between small islands of Shikanoshima, Uminonakamichi and Genkaijima and the mainland of Fukuoka are served everyday from Hakata Futo passenger terminal. The ferry ride is helping these people lived in the islands to commute to work. The traveling duration is also shortened by the introduction of high-speed ferries named “Kinin”served on the Shikanoshima island route and“New Genkai”on the Genkai island route and this makes the transportation system more convenient. Moreover, there are regular ferries going for the islands of Iki, Tsushima and Goto and they are often used for leisure and sightseeing activities.

Kashii Park Port
Opened in 1994, Kashii park port which is located in the eastern side of Hakata bay is an international distribution wharf for 24-hour operation. In order to respond to the growing in size of vessels and containerization of cargoes, this port is equipped with a full-scale trading container terminal first-ever seen in Hakata port. The maximum weight at 65 thousand tons vessels come into harbor and this port is handling approx. 77% of containers brought in Hakata. The port supports the life, economy and trading of not only Fukuoka but also other prefectures in Kyushu and Yamaguchi prefecture.

Island City
Established in 2003, Island City has the most-advanced port function such as International containers. This facility is a hub for international distribution working with Kashii park port which is located on the opposite shore, for example improving distribution functions and integration of facilities. Its location is surrounded by rich nature and transportation access to the inner-city area and other prefectures in Kyushu are also very convenient.
The area has a perfect provision of harbor, industrial premises, residential areas and green space and aspiring to become a future-minded town which has a balance of three themes in our lives “Work, life and fun”.

Address 13-1, Chikko Honmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Access By Subway: get off at Gofukumachi station (15 min. walk).
By Bus: take Nishitetsu bus no.46, 47, 48, 63 or 161 and get off at Hakata Futo stop. Adjacent.
TEL [Hakata Ferry Shelter] 092-291-1084
Closing Days None
MAP CODE 13378061*46

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