Kamei Miraku, the 15th grand master of Takatori pottery
Nishijin, Other area of Sawara-ku


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Takatori pottery was originally made in the kiln set up by a Korean master called Hachizan who came to Japan with Kuroda Josui. The kiln was patronized by the Kuroda clan. Kamei Masahisa succeeded the 15th Kamei Miraku in 2001 and has since been preserving the traditional art at the Miraku kiln. Here at the Miraku kiln, mainly Cha-ire (tea vessel), Mizusashi (water vessel), Kashiki (sweets bowl), Chawan (tea bowl) and vases are made.

Available at the central branch and Hakata Daimaru. Online order is also available.

Address 1-26-62, Takatori, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City
Access 15 minutes walk from Fujisaki subway station.
TEL 092-821-0457
FAX 092-823-1899
Credit Card Availability JCB, VISA
MAP CODE 13282134*08

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