IMS building
IMS Plaza

IMS (Inter Media Station) is a multi-purpose information center building that offers information on fashion, culture and gourmet of Fukuoka. Of the 14 floors of the building, a hall structured in the center extends from the 2nd basement levels up to the 8th floor and adds seasonal decorations to the inside space which occasionally houses various events. Floors are divided into four themes; shopping zone, communication zone, hall and culture zone, and restaurants and relaxing zone.

IMS HAll is a functional event hall on the 9th floor. Cutting edge live music and various stage events are performed here and it is the place always delivers new culture.

IMS PLAZA on the 2nd basement level is a spectacular entertainment hall with 10 rows of auditorium seats. This space changes its decorations according to seasons and events. Visitors to IMS are guided to the upper floors with the escalators spirally connected around the large space.

IMS SQUARE on the 1st floor is an open-air space right beside the busy street of Watanabe street. It is located right across from Nishitetsu Fukuoka station, Nishitetsu Bus terminal. Commercial promotion campaigns and various other events are held here at two event spaces of 87 and 71 square meters each. This is the place to get information about new items.

Address 1-7-11, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Access By Subway: get off at Tenjin station. (3 min. walk)
Parking: 184 (Pay)
TEL 092-733-2001
Credit Card Availability Varies by stores
Closing Days The third Tuesday of the month (open to change)
Open Hours 10:00-20:00 (Restaurant zone 11:00-23:00)
MAP CODE 13318369*25