List of Tour Organizers

※When you make reservations and inquiries, you can use a three-way-talk interpretation service by contacting the number below.
Consult the organizer of each event in advance to participate in the program.

※The organizers can arrange a program based on Fukutabi upon request of participant group or travel agency.
Please contact the organizer of each event for details.
When you make an inquiry, you can use a three-way-talk interpretation service by contacting the number below.
Consult the organizer of each event in advance to participate in the program.

please call 092-735-8886
Located in front of Kushida Shrine, a historical monument great to examine Hakata culture in the Meiji and Taisho Era. This facility gives you a geat opportunity to experience at first-hand the traditional arts and festivals.
Located in Tenjin, over 500 kimonos are available for rental (both men and female). In this program, you can stroll around the town and experience cultural activities.
Food Sample Factory in Kashiwara, Minami Ward. Experience making food samples out of wax and resin, which is unique to Japan.
The program features the Kasuyagun Area located in Eastern Fukuoka City. Mainly focuses on strolling around the ruins of coal mine shaft and red bricks.
 Provides programs in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka for foreign tourists. Cultural activities and English/Korean Green Bus tours available.
Konya 2023 is a building constructed about 40 years ago, today tenanted by artists, architects and IT companies. Building tour available.
Enjoy Fukuoka and Kyushu through day trips and overnight trips available by variety of bushike programs.
Takes only a 10 minute ferry ride from Fukuoka City Meinohama Port. Nokonoshima is a small island gifted of nature and history. Guided tours available.
Taking the whole Hakata Area as a historical "Hakata Museum", the tour examines descriptions on electical poles and visits a house and store of 100 years of age.
Hakata Izumi is a globefish restaurant which continues on for 4 generations. Programs feature Japanese and Hakata culture such as Yamakasa and seasonal festivals.
Japanese Garden located in the Josui Area, close to Tenjin. They organize a tea ceremony for kids and adults.
Take a stoll around the Western Area of Fukuoka: Tojinmachi where Yahoo! Dome is located, Nishijin, and Momochihama. Hands-on activities also available.
Mini Communication Paper Mainzu
Publish complimentary magazines at Minami Ward. They arrange zen meditation programs at Aburayama Kannon (comes with a Temari Sushi meal.)
Most taxi companies in and around Fukuoka join this association. Tourism taxis with many unique courses are available.
Concerts and guided tours are held at Miso storehouses and temples at Karatsu Kaido street, where historical houses of Meinohama still remain.
Water Bus, "Fuku-haku Minato Deai Boat" connects Tenjin with Bayside Place Hakata. Nighttime courses are available.
Water Bus, "Fuku-haku Minato Deai Boat" connects Tenjin with Nokonoshima in 30 minutes. (Irregular time schedules for weekends and holidays). Nighttime Hakata Bay Cruise (Irregular schedules on Thu, Fri, Sat) is also available.
Japanese Dance Hanayagi Style Master Hanayagi Nakyu
Enjoy Japanese Dance along with music such as "Sakura, Sakura" and "Kuroda Bushi". On-site service available. Foreigners welcomed.
Nyoirinji Temple
Experience Buddhist Zen at Myoshinji style Nyoirinji temple which is the eastern temple of Shofukuji. Children may also join.
Hakata Akachokobe
Udon shop near Kushida Shrine provides "Marugoto Set" which you can enjoy the delicacies of Fukuoka such as Gomasaba (spotted mackerel) and Mentai (marinated pollock roe).
Learn about Hakata Textiles of today and the past through reading historical documents and visiting factories of Hakata Ori that holds about 700 years of history.
Hakata Doll Store in the Nakasu Area. You may try painting your own Hakata doll and take it home as a souvenir.
Bicycle rental available at Reisenso besides Reisen Park. Bicycle Tours which introduce beautiful architecture of Fukuoka is available.
Mentaiko Dojo nearby Fukuoka Airport where you can make your own original recipe of Karashi Mentaiko (spiced pollock roe).
Koshi Tsuruko
Enjoy natural incense (Fragrance pouch and letter making) in a relaxing Japanese atmosphere.
Tour around Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome which is the homeground of the Softbank Hawks. Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum located besides the Dome.