Transportation Information in Fukuoka

“FUKUOKA TOURIST CITY PASS”Fukuoka Tourist City Pass; One-day Pass for Foreign Tourists Using Buses and Trains

Fukuoka Tourist City Pass is one-day pass which gives foreign tourists unlimited rides on buses and trains operating in Fukuoka City.
It is very convenient and a reasonable pass applicable to 5 transportation facilities; Nishitetsu Bus, Showa Bus, JR Kyushu Train, Nishitetsu Train and the Subway.
For trains, you just need to present your Fukuoka Tourist City Pass to the station staff at the ticket gate. For buses, present the pass to the driver and you can enjoy unlimited rides.
The pass is available in English, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and recommendable for foreign tourists.
With this pass, you will be able to enjoy a smooth trip around the major tourist spots in Fukuoka City.



1. Fukuoka City (not applicable to Nishitetsu Train) Adults 820 yen, Children 410 yen
2. Fukuoka City and Dazaifu Adults 1,340 yen, Children 670 yen

* Valid only for one day.

[How to Purchase]
FUKUOKA TOURIST CITY PASS is only available to overseas tourists staying in Japan on a short-stay visa. Such tourists can purchase the pass by presenting his or her passport at the sales counter (check for the locations on the reverse side)

[Sales Offices]
Nishitetsu Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal, Hakata Bus Terminal, Fukuoka Airport Bus Terminals, Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station, Hakata Port International Terminal General Information Counter, Hakata Station General Information Center, Tenjin Tourist Information Center, Subway Customer Service Center (ticket offices in Tenjin and Hakata)




Guide Map

Guide Map

Special Offers for FUKUOKA TOURIST CITY PASS Holders

Fukuoka City Museum:(Permanent Exhibition)Adults 200 yen → 150 yen
Fukuoka Art Museum:(Permanent Exhibition)Adults 200 yen → 150 yen
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum:(Permanent Exhibition)Adults 200 yen → 150 yen
Hakata Machiya Folk Museum:(Admission)Adults 200 yen → 150 yen
Yusentei Garden:(Admission)Adults 200 yen → 160 yen
Shofuen Garden:(Admission)Adults 100 yen → 80 yen
Rakusuien Garden:(Admission)Adults 100 yen → 80 yen
Fukuoka Tower:(Admission)Adults 800 yen → 640 yen
Namiha No Yu:(Usage Fee)Adults 700 yen → 600 yen
Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum:(Admission)Adults 1,000 yen → 800 yen
Yahuoku! Dome Tour:(Admission)Adult Fee 1,500 yen → 1,300 yen
Marine World:(Admission)Adults 2,100 yen → 1,900 yen
Uminonakamichi Seaside Park:Free gift of Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Original Clear File *There's limits on the number of clear files.
Asahi Beer Community Hall:- A free glass of Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold (375ml) for those who order food or drink at the Hakata branch of Asahi Beer Community Hall
- A free original beer mug for those who join the tour at Asahi Beer Hakata Factory. * Both offers are for those aged 20 and older.
Dazaifu Tenmangu Treasure Hall:(Admission)Adults 400 yen → 300 yen
Dazaifu Tenmangu Kanko History Museum:(Admission)Adults 200 yen → 150 yen
Kanzeonji Temple / Hozo (Trasure House):(Admission)Adults 500 yen → 300 yen
Dazaifu Amusement Park:100 yen discount on the entrance fee
Dazaifu Station Rental Cycle:100 yen discount on the rental fee ( Open 9:00-18:00 )
Pleasure Boat "Yumin Tomato":Free Can of Coffee



Fukuoka City Tourist Information (Tenjin)
Fukuoka City Tourist Information (Tenjin)


Nishitetsu Customer Center
Available Language: 4 languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese)
Subway Customer Service Center
(General Information) 092-734-7800
Available Language: 4 languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese)
Sales Section, Marketing Div, Railway Service Dept, Kyushu Railway Company Co., Ltd.
Available Language: Japanese
Fukuoka Office of Showa Bus Co., Ltd.
Available Language: Japanese